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2024 A Fallow Year

Sorry for the delay of information regarding this year's season. We have had a very hard time making a final decision and have been going back and forth over the possible options.

Our property is so wet from last season and this winter, that it is has turned most of the property into a giant mud bog.

We will need to replace the existing drainage, as well as, add new to some areas just to make it possible to plant anything this year. It's just a mess, we have a lot of work to do!

It is a difficult decision, but we just don't think we can get enough planted to be able to make it of value for this seasons CSA.


It is sad to say, but we will not be offering a CSA Share this season.

If we are able to get enough planted to sell some of the produce at the church stand, We will certainly share that information as soon as possible.

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Growing the Extra Mile

An Organic farm, Kenockee Farms provides sustainable, affordable, and delicious produce and farm products to local Michigan families. Join our CSA, find us at our seasonal farm stand, or come see us at a local farmer's markets.


Our Fresh Produce & Farm Products

From fresh produce to fresh eggs, you will find the freshest variety of farm products at Kenockee Farms. Whether shopping for Fresh Herbs, Seasonal Vegetables, or Farm Fresh Eggs, we have a variety of products for you to choose from. The best part is, everything is local, organic, and sustainably grown, so you can enjoy our products knowing you’re supporting the community. We specialize in a wide range of Heirloom produce with new and exciting kinds growing all season long, plus everything we grow is non-GMO!

Try it all by joining our CSA​.

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We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and seasonal Fresh Herbs. There are lots to choose from, and our offerings change depending on the time of year so you’ll always be surprised when you visit us. You should know that everything we sell is grown responsibly and picked in season, so you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts.


Buy our Seasonal Vegetables to truly enjoy what nature has to offer! Since 2019, we’ve become famous for our organic veggies. We make huge efforts so that we can guarantee that everything we sell at Kenockee Farms is grown organically. Due to our efforts, we are able to assure you that all of our produce contains the healthy nutrients that normally get lost when foods are traditionally grown.


Pick up your Free Range Farm Fresh Eggs from Kenockee Farms. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love our eggs, and we can’t say we blame them. That’s because everything we grow at Kenockee Farms is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and tastes better. Try it out yourself. We even surprise our customers with the occasional Duck or Goose eggs!

Pick-Up Locations



Want to learn more about our farm?

Have questions about our CSA? Get in touch!

P. O. Box 117
Goodells, MI 48027

+1 (586) 713-1991

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