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Growing the Extra Mile

Hello Friends,


We were so excited to begin our journey in 2019, as we started growing; organic, heirloom, non-GMO, vegetables to share with our community. Together with our CSA Members, we enjoyed the added

benefits to our health, as well as the comfort in knowing where our food comes from, who grows it,

and what inputs go into growing the food that nourishes our bodies.

Let's be honest, with the revolution of fast, easy and over processed foods, many of us have quickly

spiraled into terrible eating habits. At Kenockee Farms, we would like to take a small part in

providing you and your family and friends, a healthier farm-to-table option. 

We look forward to making it easy for you to enjoy healthy produce. Our promise is that we

will provide you with; Seasonally Fresh, Organic, Locally Grown, Heirloom, Non-GMO,

Pesticide & Herbicide Free, produce froma sustainable farm.

Kenockee Farms, CSA is a woman owned Market Garden Farm that offers CSA Memberships,

as well as, a seasonal Farm Stand located next to In His Grace Church on Lapeer Road.

We are a farm that takes care of the Soil Biome and considers the health of the soil to be paramount in

creating a long term sustainable ecosystem that provides seasonally fresh produce to our CSA members.

Join us in our journey and become a CSA member, we think you will be pleased with our produce.

Thank You,

Farmer Ruth

Kenockee Farms

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